Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Catering - 40th Birthday Party

May has been a busy month for platine, besides getting more settled in our new digs, we had lots of birthday celebrations (ours, Scott's, May's, Lizzy's, etc)and we catered a party for one of our good client's birthday. Many of you know that I am not thrilled about cupcakes (I have been saying for a few years that i think the trend should end and cookies should be the next big thing!), but this client ADORES our cupcakes (and who could blame them!)So we devised a fun menu of delicious appetizers and desserts - including mini cupcakes -- at platine we call them Cakelettes!
Here is the menu:
Read this doc on Scribd: final menu 5 17 08 40th bday

And here are some pictures:

These are the CAKELETTES

These are the Early Tomatoes with Fresh Mozarella and Basil on Pita Crisps

Here are the Vegetarian Summer Rolls. We took all of these with camera phones, so know that if they look ok here, they were even better in person!

We had a lot of fun with this menu and the party was a hit.

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